About the Bikuben Foundation

The Bikuben Foundation is a self-governing commercial foundation earmarking its proceeds for social and cultural purposes to the benefit of society. On an annual basis, the foundation grants approximately DKK 70m for philanthropic work throughout the Kingdom of Denmark – i.e. Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

In the Bikuben Foundation, we base our work on the basic view that a society must be judged on the opportunities it creates for people to realise their potential. Our work is targeted at creating new opportunities for young people on the edge of society and at supporting artists and cultural institutions in finding new ways. Within the social area, the foundation is particularly focused on vulnerable young people between 13 and 30 years of age with complex social problems. Within the cultural area, the foundation is particularly focused on the performing and visual arts.

These years, the Bikuben Foundation is developing from being a conventional foundation that solely donates money into a foundation working more proactively towards creating societal change and improved conditions for the arts.

We, at the Bikuben Foundation, believe in collaboration as a good course of action towards the creation of permanent change. For this reason, we often involve several parties in joint efforts and, for instance, enter into dialogues with the civil society, municipalities, the state and private players. We would like to appear brave in our work and pave the way for fresh thinking and long-term solutions.

History and financial position

Historically, the Bikuben Foundation is rooted in the Danish savings bank movement. Established in 1857, the self-governing body Sparekassen Bikuben was the first Danish savings bank to carry out banking operations while, at the same time, operating as a relief and charitable foundation. It was founded in reaction to the necessity for increased welfare among the growing working classes in Copenhagen.

In the course of time, a number of mergers, fusions, takeover by other financial institution, etc. changed Sparekassen Bikuben’s relations and ownership. Smaller non-profit foundations sprung from these activities and were later integrated with other similar foundations. Most recently, in 2010, BG Fonden merged with Bikuben Fonden af 1989 (the Bikuben Foundation of 1989) to be continued under the governance of the latter foundation and under the name of the Bikuben Foundation.

The assets of the Bikuben Foundation stem from the foundation’s ownership share of Sparekassen Bikuben, subsequently to become BG Bank. Today, the Bikuben Foundation owns no major single bank-share funds. The money earned by the Bikuben Foundation stem from active investment in securities, private equity funds, real property and the company, Enkotec.

The foundation owns, and is headquartered in, the property Fondenes Hus (House of Foundations) – a shared foundation housing scheme.


In the Bikuben Foundation, we communicate openly about our work in order that our collaborative partners – and the surrounding world at large – can get an insight into and an understanding of the foundation’s activities. In addition, we like to share the knowledge and experience we gain through our work. To create debate, knowledge and transparency are key to the foundation’s communicative strategy. We actively participate in debate events and meetings, and – within the cultural area – we, for instance, organise ‘Reumert-’ and ‘Visionssaloner’ (Reumert and Vision salons), putting topics within the performing and visual arts up for debate.

Kollegiefonden and the Bikuben Foundation

Over the years, the Bikuben Foundation has granted funds for Kollegiefonden Bikuben (the Bikuben residence-hall foundation) and Bikuben Foundation New York Inc. These funds were used for the building and management of three student residence halls in Denmark – in Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen, respectively – and of Academic Guest House in New York.

Svanninge Bjerge

In the natural resort, Svanninge Bjerge, in South Funen, we provide people with an opportunity to experience intimacy with nature. The area is open to the public; and, in recent years, we have become increasingly focused on the potential of the experience of nature in connection with socially vulnerable people. This put Natur til et godt liv (nature, the road to a good life) into practice – an initiative targeted at young people on the edge. In collaboration with a number of partners, special camps and experience tours are organised for the target group, in and around the natural area of Svanninge Bjerge. The objective of this initiative is to build up mental strength in the young and provide them with confidence in their ability to develop.

The Bikuben Foundation purchased the unique natural resort, Svanninge Bjerge, in South Funen during the period from 2005 to 2011 and has gradually transformed traditional forest into a varied landscape of fascinating nature. The company, Høbbet A/S, runs a cattle farming and forestry operation in Svanninge Bjerge as well as the Research Station located in the area. Most recently, the foundation has initiated the establishment of a true trackless forest for the purpose of providing optimal conditions for the biodiversity that, these years, is in dire straits in Denmark.


The Bikuben Foundation strategy

In 2016, the Bikuben Foundation changed its strategy. You can read more about it here


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